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Ragamufyn's Page of Wanna-Be Rockstars

Fabulous Stuff

6 October
I'm a WAHM (Work At Home Mama) involved in a few websites that I design and create for. I teach Theatre and Art to kids in Junior Kindergarten-4th Grade. I also run a small vegan catering business. I am a Libra and a procrastinator. My tiniest friends call me Tornado Gurl.
Check out all my sites!

Ragamufyn.com. Handmade Klothing for your Kynde Kids!
Mamadelic.com. Handmade handbags with new and vintage fabrics plus lots of other groovy stuff!
Miami Craft Mafia. My biz partner (from Mamadelic) and I started this to unite all the groovy indie craft businesses down here in Miami. We are part of a larger Familia.
Black Sheep. An Indie Craft Fair. The gals of the Miami Craft Mafia are putting on a craft fair!

I love to do yoga in the OmGym! I love hula hooping and poi dancing!